Rewind Forward ~

Only through shock that pierces and makes your heart bleed can you find yourself with ripe vulnerability .

The kind Allah awaits for you to turn to him with.

Only through the depths of your pain can you find the home you abandoned.

Only through courage and stillness can you discover the subtle cause behind all of your wounds. The common denominator, the thread that tys them all together.

It’s so subtle it’s unbelievable
The euphoria you experience, as Allah unties the redundant thread, untied because you now consciously know…is a grace, true divine grace.

In the end people don’t remember what was done nor what was said. Just simply how they were made to feel.

The severest of all your feelings, guide you to the wounded heart of your inner child.

Sometimes all that you are feeling, is simply divine will leading you home. The darker it gets the closer you are. Don’t look for a light at the end of the tunnel. The darker the path the closer you get.

The wounded heart of my inner child had embedded in it shrapnel of grief and disappointment; due to lack of consideration shown to it.

For every shrapnel she attached a belief to, I as an adult now transmute.

For every lack of consideration she has experienced, i as an adult now consider her every need, even the mundane as ordained through the lens of unconditional self love.

I transmute, because she isn’t a victim anymore.

She is a victor, saved by herself.

Acceptance leads to Justice.

Accepting others unconditionally for what they do or who they are, doesn’t mean you have to be in agreement with the choices they make especially if those choices affect you. It only means you are imparting justice for yourself and them.

For them, because you are not attempting to re write their reality. Allowing someone to be, is justice because you take the whole without trying to edit. Clarity doesn’t come into fruition through edits, it comes through holistic acceptance, of what is.

Accepting others unconditionally is justice for you also, because only through unconditional acceptance of another, can you create the space required to determine your own boundaries. Unconditional acceptance of others allows you to see what you are working with in every moment.

When you determine your boundaries through how you feel and not what you think, you build a fortress through self love and not the effect of a scraped wound.

There are some things you will never understand until you first understand what you are being taught by it.

Unconditional acceptance of others taught me how to implement self love thoroughly.

Release the thoughts that accompany your feelings, release what they say about you and others.

Embrace the feelings as they are, for the feelings are real and the thoughts are recycled from previous experiences the mind threw out, simply to make sense of the new.

Be grateful for the shitty things you’ve ever felt, for all the things you’ve felt that you invalidated. Be grateful for all the times you’ve been judged or misunderstood. For all the times something got flipped on you, for all the parts you played through Self neglect that helped stamp it effective. It must have helped because what is self neglect other than a reality where you are in service outside of self. Where have you gone?

Be grateful for all this because despite any sadness confusion or pain you feel, it teaches you lessons that inshallah will shape the rest of your life because you align with your self love, unconditionally. Through your core power that paves way to meet all of your core needs.

Be grateful because you are being taught how to establish justice for yourself. Aligning with self love in all matters, is the only guarantee for maintaining justice for your soul. Detachment is a defence mechanism employed to protect you from the cracks you precieve from the world, cracks that got bigger every time you made a choice to trust and go with the flow.
Cracks that got bigger every time you turned on yourself.

Detachment is the opposite of establishing justice for your soul. The only justice in your control to establish.

Any other form of justice due onto you, is best left in the focus of Allah. Who knows what you know not, who sees what you see not. Who is in control always.

He validates and vindicates as you sleep and walk with Love and peace.

Inner peace can never be yours to keep, if doing an injustice to your own soul is by passed heedlessly, or worse as insignificant. Inner peace is the souls language of approval for a reason.

When mine doesn’t approve, I don’t detach anymore through projection or apathy, I go into solitude with my vulnerability to listen…

To my soul.