Love over Fear

Lately I feel like I’ve been in another world going with the flow. A lot of intense energies bringing about a lot of purges. They keep hitting like tsunami waves. Leaving  as quickly as it came…..because ive not been fighting it. As soon as I see something coming up mid field I look within my heart and ask “what do you need?” listening lovingly to the answer it gives. There has been a lot of ‘sit down‘ & “rest for a moment” 

I mean it doesn’t even matter to me that I have to sometimes consciously look for a place to sit. All I care about is my  intent to honour what I need. So I need somewhere private, where in that moment I can just be at home with my emotions that’s fine not complicated anymore. However it wasn’t my norm,  I mostly pretty much use to treat feelings like a virus. All I want to do now is to follow my heart and honour its every need. As cliche as that sounds…..When I sit down I find it healing because whatever I feel passes through like a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. 

What this has done is freed up a lot of space within me. Space that resistance use to fill with false promise of safety or illusions of strength. Space that misunderstanding clogged up with restlessness and bulldozing of my own soul.

A lot of what I’ve been learning has centred around my needs it’s unbelievable.

~Awareness of my needs

~Acknowledging my needs

~Expressing my needs 

and the hardest of all…

~Honouring my needs.

There is a lot up in the air awaiting results or conclusions where my affairs are concerned I kid you not. But despite all of that, internally all I feel 80% of the time is harmony.

The current energies maybe intense but it is ushering us into a new world. I feel that strongly because for the first time in my life I’m not afraid of the unknown.  I’m on a plane of faith because only through divine grace…. in being taught what not to do, I’ve recieved the gift of knowing what to do.

Relief is contingent upon honouring your needs. Choosing to act through a base of love over fear. This choice requires that you follow a compass that points to meeting your needs before anything else.  

I use to hear a lot how we are co creators of our reality. I believe that so deeply because in every moment we make a choice through either love or fear.

Choose love, you know it’s a choice through love when it leads you to inner peace. When you act through listening to felt perception over mental noise.

The current energies are intense because this is the very lesson it’s grounding into our being. How varies for each and every one of us. It’s not just about a new beginning it’s an emotional re set. 

Breaking clean

I don’t resonate with some of the paths I’ve walked down or the conversations that took place in them.  It’s served what it came to serve and gifted me with new truths, values and ways of being. I’ve out grown the past because it’s fulfilled its duty to teach.

Be grateful if you can break clean. 

Footsteps In the Wind

‘A door is closing as it should. As it must in order for the next door to open. Yes, there is a chance that there is a journey between the doors. Time to heal. Time to regroup. Time to shed and release the old and time to make space for the new. What will get you from one door to the next? Faith. Trust in yourself and in this process. What will keep your own light burning? Hope; even a shred is enough to get you there’     ~Anonymous

Soul Ink

Being present with how I feel from moment to moment. Or at the end of daily reflections, through holistic balance of all that I recall to have felt. Births understanding that supports me from a place of  patience and balance. Balance that embraces without bias the places in which Allah chooses to cultivate understanding. Sabr that accepts it because i know its from him.

Ive spent most of my life understanding others at the expense of myself, taking on board their feelings due to empathy and compassion, with a fallacy of ‘mine can  wait‘ on board.

This fragmented my soul into smithereens. I’ve integrated most of what I’ve come to understand and feel no need to rush to get to a finish line as the process heals.

The process of change that through fear related blocks I use to despise, is the process I now feel most alive because in it is Allah.

My actions reflect back to me my strengths and areas that lack it. It reflects back places that have healed and places that await it. Through what I do or don’t do, I witness what flows with inner peace and get to identify what crashes within. Identifying what crashes within from a heart space, has become easier when asked to accept my feelings unconditionally.

Respect what crashes within for the feeling that pushed the breaks has something to give you. What resonates with me is to hold space for my emotions especially the vulnerable ones.  To feel them freely and guard it from being infiltrated by any story connected to anyone or thing,  that requires or summons an exit through doors linked to understanding that accommodate me upon entering.

Falling into that is how detachment from ones feelings occur you turn on your feelings, that let you receive understanding for others as the root of problem for how you abandoned yourself. Your understanding didn’t make you abandon yourself, you did through what you did with it. It’s a form of escapism to turn on your feelings and only results in the new feelings that were trying to guide you back to yourself becoming suppressed.

Detachment occurs due to  Imbalances that stem from unconscious self erasing conditions, of how one accepted  & embraced feelings. It’s self erasure because you became conditioned to disregard your own in service to others. So in finding no ‘use’ or space to place your own, you felt it was fair play to detach.

The greatest story to re write is what one considered good. Re write it this time, with your own soul holding the pen. dipping it in ink of unconditional acceptance and love of self. Keep the existing parts where soul approval exists. Be present with your own feelings unconditionally so you can learn how to meet all of your needs the same, for yourself by yourself.