Reason 🥁

Ive not bit off more than I can chew, it was worse I chewed what I knew I couldn’t swallow.

I thought I had a problem with endurance I don’t, I had a problem with what I was resisting as I forced myself to endure. A problem with what I was forcing my soul to eat. Instead of listening to it’s preferences.

You and I will eat when reason flows through integrity, when there is no conflict that requires peace to be contingent on the bypassing of what my soul knows and needs. It’s not peace if im abandoning a part of myself and it isn’t peace when you end up blocked from receiving what your soul wishes you to know that is conducive to growth.

It doesn’t befit me to acquiesce, it’s not in my nature. In my understanding I hope you find clarity and in my form all the meanings I once contaminated.




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