Im tired of people who turn tables on others, who are blind to their own cruelty & selfishness but able to point fingers. People who choose to write indirect posts instead of having a conversation with the very trust and hope they wish you to come with.  People who cannot comprehend your grievances, instead spend time complaining about the love or care they supplied as if it was one sided.  People who want space held for them but are unable to discern how it equally matters. Im tired of people who remember tranmuting things through love when it suits them. People who’s actions show they conditionally accept you but claimed otherwise. People who hurt you and then pull up the seat of ‘victim’ beside you. I’m tired because after all this my heart through love wills to forgive. So for my heart I freely speak…

I rather be painted the villain than victim. Lord knows the ego likes that role anyway so why assist it. Being  painted the villain was something  I use to get dislike immensely because it was untrue. Now I don’t fixate on how others comfort themselves. I seek purification and growth.  How one exits tells me a lot in and of itself. I dont shut down, I watch & move on.


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