Allah steps in where you Lag behind

When someone is tested with dealing with doubts, they are inclined to believe or take on board what you present depending on where they’ve placed you. They may do that because they aren’t threatened by your heart. They park what’s said instead of throwing it away  as their journey was about self trust in themselves not trust about you.

They aren’t inclined to reject or resist without understanding.  Which is what gets things complicated when the person is being taught how to spot the difference between the soul of a person, that their heart trusts and their human self that is imperfect in what it sometimes does.

This is an important distinction to make and when you can’t due to doubts, you conflate matters and end up holding space for shit that don’t serve you. Anger is a feeling pointing out to you a boundary is violated or about to be. Shame is another feeling pointing out, how you are veering of course and where you should pause to realign yourself with your souls truth.

When you struggle to make the distinction above. You are at risk of failing to make or enforce boundaries you need. This is why Allah intervenes and removes people from ones life. He is doing what they couldn’t so that they may hop off the hamster wheel through divine mercy. They can connect the dots when they look back,  after taking the lessons required from situations..

My doubt blocked me from doing what I needed at times because of how I compartmentalised my needs with that of others. (You  make sacrifical your own, when a need for sacrifice comes up) I don’t resent those that I did that for anymore. At the time I thought they deserved it through how I read my compassion or care. I was wrong and that’s ok.


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