To let Go

To let go means to release the need to know why, because Allah knows best. Letting go is difficult for most because they don’t decipher how they aren’t letting go because of that reason. A fog of wounds act as a cover for that resistance. That fog keeps their vision imprisoned for as it fights, it holds their attention away from what’s pertinent. Anything that holds no matter what that thing is, means you haven’t let go.
Let go the need to know why, for Allah who does know is your ally.  Fan the fog used by the wound, with self compassion and presence. Its what provides harmony through his light when you are being tested.

Not knowing the reason behind a test is part of its custom. In the now as you look on get to know,  how the statement ‘I don’t know‘ is part of getting through.

The surest road one takes brings them to a place, where only when they give up, does truth make itself clear. When you give up you’ve shown up and that’s when truth appears.

To let go the need to know why, is to be led by hope into having faith in the answers Allah supplies.


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