When the Scales ⚖️ Don’t Match.

Im discovering why things like Justice, mercy and balance are measured and viewed and acted on differently from one person to another. In this day & age of “my truth” you see the limits of people’s views and measure on these things, so don’t colour it different accept it.  “My truth” is a summary of statements that  indicate ones limits.

A person is showing you where they stand through what they currently feel & know on the back drop of their own life experiences. Every truth has a cord that connects back to the Truth as laid down by Allah. That cord is what leads to expansion,  to reach for it is why he changes ones condition for the better, he increases the bandwidth of their limit and guides them to what assists their journey.  One then proceeds until met with the next one and so on & so forth. Reaching for his cord is therefore the pinnacle of matter. It’s why we have feet to move.

When you see your measure not matched by others in subtle ways and then you micromanage your feelings about it, because you understood why it didn’t match but didn’t know how to accept it. Suffering later engulfs you because their limit manifested towards you. You feel like a pariah because of this. A pariah due to low-key shame as your ego lays causation at your feet, it tells you, you put yourself there. You aided  them against you. You then feel shame for not having a limit with them before they did with you.  Forgetting in that moment that you are you, not anyone else..your measure is yours theirs is theirs.

This is why people unconsciously relegate their souls to a back seat. The ego uses their good and shames it mercilessly. It wants to activate appreciation for its survival strategy. But through remembrance of Allah you transcend. You don’t meet people where they are, you meet them where YOU are.

Why is that important? Because one shouldn’t support the tipping of the scales of justice mercy and balance against themselves. Where is the mercy for yourself? The balance and therefore justice?

These are not things you exempt yourself from. Doing so only pleases shaytan and aids his plot to make you lose yourself.

Learn to accept what is through your own soul blueprint. It accepts without shame or guilt or presumption of lack on your part. It leaves people to their narratives.

Opening you up to value your own opinion and non ego based thoughts. Doing so preserves you from being disturbed by others justifications for what they do.

Remaining centred and balanced within protects you from injury. We differ in limits and measure because we have different provisions, intentions and different ways of externalising them.

Learn the lessons behind  the feelings you by passed as it showed you in subtle ways where you differed from others on limits.  It’s not invalidating their limits to acknowledge yours don’t meet at the stops you witnessed theirs in.

I think the biggest injustice we do to ourselves is to conflate what we understand with what we should be ok with. Tolerance doesn’t mean acceptance. If you are not ok you are not ok, even if you understand the bigger picture. The one you’re in also matters.

When conflations of the above don’t exist, you not only unconditionally accept yourself but you can help others with the limits you see, if that is what resonates with you to do. Allah expands and knows the hearts that will to grow.

You are your priority. Don’t stunt your own growth because you refuse to unconditionally accept how you feel. About what you see and what it means to you. Not doing that creates an internal dysfunction and disconnect because you are judging yourself for what you felt.

This is also why  people park their intuition, they park it because they dont know what to do with it in a moment. Start with accepting the feelings you have about what it came to point out. Your intuition requires the same maintenance your general feelings do. Acceptance and patience.

Unconditional self acceptance = protection for your self esteem. You suffer when people show you their limits because through ego you connect their limits to a declaration about your worth or an attack on it.  Truth is you got it twisted, firstly even your own limit isn’t a declaration of your worth. Limits can expand, your worth cannot increase or decrease. It’s fixed not malleable because your fitra is your potential, your worth, your soul.

If your own limits aren’t  declarations about your worth how can the limits of others be?

Other people’s limits say nothing about you if you unconditionally accept your feelings upon seeing it or experiencing it. You find their limits says something to you, but never about you. What it says to you in relation to topic in hand, is that your own limit in a matter hasn’t been reached and thats it. Don’t shame yourself for that just see and accept it. The mantra of observation is “it is what it is”

Recognition and acceptance of  that protects your self esteem, that ego tries to drill holes through in order to show up & assert control. Acceptance, that your limit has space left helps you continue on your own path from a soul space.  Integrate your light don’t unintentionally dim it by abandoning yourself. Closing your heart is a form of self abandonment and hearts close because of the stories you hold about yourself in connection to your life experiences.

I think if our children are an amana/trust, so is our own fitra. It’s justice for your soul to experience alignment with it to the best of your ability. That is what this world is about. Our purpose of life connects to Allah in achievement of that. He is not in need of us we are in need of him to do that, and return home with that.



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