What you are is what you love.

I’m someone motivated towards love, balance,  unity and harmony. Always have been and always will be (inshallah). The root of all my disappointments have been connected to this. What’s funny is in realising that, my disappointments flatlined into irrelevance.

When you let go of expectations or the story of how something was “suppose to be” because you trusted or believed in something, because  you thought xy and z.

You free yourself up to embrace what is. The mantra of observation is nothing more than it is what it is. What something is, is betrayed by expectations.

Expectations do not make space for the current moment. Desires do, What I desire remains pure in heart despite external disappointments from the past.

What I desire is connected to what I am. Love harmony unity and balance. All that has ever disappointed me merely served to teach how to better safeguard what I am and what I love.

In the space where my disappointments once  existed, I now see human struggle and things that have nothing to do with me.

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