To Surrender Fear

Dont let Fear re write what you know, or make you fight battles that opt to protect your essence. Looking at matters that hurt you, and then unconditionally accepting what you feel about it, even if those feelings arise through anger and repulsion that disturb you. It is not a process that will be in vain, for it leads to your heart space from a open organic genuine place.

Don’t be afraid to discover the root of your grief.

Your essence belongs to Allah he is sufficient in safeguarding it.  Sometimes others have the same fear you do. What we fear others doing to us,  is what we must guard against giving free reign to lest we do it ignorantly ourselves. Fear stems from belief expecting to morph into a fact. To guard against, doesn’t neccesssrily mean to resist or micromanage your fears. It’s to remain present and aware of its flow so it can release. Present & aware lest we slide down a slippery slope that imparts what we fear on others unconsciously.

Fear in order to exist wills to re write what you know. This supports ego assertion and paves way for soul desertion.

Stay with what you know,  give people the freedom to decide whether to write new chapters that contradict the old ( if they choose to) Don’t do it for them through your fears.

If you will to do anything with fear, surrender it to Allah.

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