To Go through should be to Grow through.

Staying true to yourself is a state best  witnessed through the things you freely do when the things that bothered you once no longer have a hold. The stillness and tranquility felt in that state is the space ego use to force store its shit in. The space it would micromanage your actions from. Where it would pathologise change to keep you locked in old loops that eventually reflected back to you the same mess.

A friend of mine recently told me about a re occurring problem she had. I listened attentively & noticed a pattern. As the problem came back & forth to her, the story about it slightly changed so the problem could re surface. What didn’t change however was the pattern in her behaviour.

Every time she faced the problem she took with her only half of her feelings about it. So she felt uneasy at the end when half of her issue wasn’t dealt with.

I told her next time take all of your feelings and present yourself through them united. Because this type of specific re occurring problem she had, was actually only reoccurring because it was holding space for her to do just that.

I noticed and felt her energetic release. There is healing in just having awareness strong enough to render an existing problem irrelevant.

I was reflecting about this later and found appreciation for the realities that reflect back to us our micromanagement of self.

If our feelings fill 3 fractions of a circle it makes no sense to go forth honouring with recognition one part alone. Take it all,  for all exists in a moment for a reason.

Take it all, for all represent parts of you that need to be met.


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