Anger & my Roots

Anger is an emotion that gets shamed a lot, its rude, volatile, scary, unjust etc

It’s snuffed out of children especially as disrespectful which is telling in and of itself. Perhaps having the self governance to exercise anger before it was snuffed out. Was a sign of respect, that the ego of those the anger was towards couldn’t handle?

This world is a funny place where shame is used to create victims & the hood they are banished too.  

Anger is an emotion that lets you know a boundary has been violated or is about to be violated. If you are angry at yourself it means your soul is telling YOU, that you are either violating your own boundaries or have violated it. Exploring that leads to healing. Your emotional body is actually compassionate towards you. When you don’t resist how you feel you become aware when aware you receive guidance. Sometimes all it takes to disolve and heal something is awareness of it alone. Many timelines are waiting to be exited relying simply on your ability to just allow awareness of what is. So that a fruits behind lesson can manifest itself into that space.

Anger isn’t an emotion that should not be resisted, makes no sense to when it came to resist what isn’t conducive to your wellbeing in the first place.

Its an emotion that should be allowed so that it doesn’t grow in momentum that leads to it eventually unjustly spilling out. (Sometimes on the wrong people hence the phrase “misplaced anger”)

Hence why our Prophet peace be upon him said said “don’t get angry” he was not banning or advising against an emotion that isn’t in your control to have or not have in the first place. What he meant is best understood when looking at his stance on anger from a holistic place.

The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) said to us: When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down. ~ Narated by Abu Dharr (Abu Dawud Book 036, Hadith Number 4764)

We are meant to work with anger not against it through resistance. Sit or lie down with your anger. Let it flow through and release what ever message it came to deliver. When that happens it leaves which is “well and good” for who? For you.

“The strong-man is not one who wrestles well but the strong man is one who controls himself when he is in a fit of rage.” Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Sahih Muslim Book 032, 6313

That self control is true strength because such a man has over come his ego in moment of rage. Controlling yourself when in a fit of rage is holding the fort the ego is trying to seize to assert itself. Holding that fort is strength personified.

Assuming ego activity in others without reason or ample proof is most of the time ego projection at its finest in itself. Because haste in pathologising, is a sign of avoidance of ones own issues.

Anger is the only emotion that can quickly alert one to detect violated boundaries. It’s so apt in competence when doing that, that it will also show you when you are at risk of having a boundary violated.

Anger is treated as unhealthy but on the flip side it’s one of the most healthiest emotions you can sit with. It’s an emotion that reminds you there is an option outside of slipping into low vibrational energies that result in one feeling victimised. These lower vibe energies often come through shame and feelings connected to powerlessness.

They pave way for fear of self and lack of self.  I think understanding that my thoughts aren’t me, but rather I am the one who is aware of them. Is by far one of the greatest blessings I’ve received. It’s helped me so much alhamdulilaah. Because it blocks identifying with thoughts that can at best be described as imbalanced and at worst maladjusted.

Shame and housing others ego projections pave way for one to slip into those aforementioned Lower vibrations.

What is anger than except a helping hand lifting you out of such a dark hole? Does it not balance you out? From a state of powerlessness to taking your power back?  Back from your own ego that works in tandem with low vibes.

Anger when not projected outward provides a chance for one to stop and reflect so that they can feel, receive and release. The combination of all 3 (to feel receive and release) creates paradigm shifts where by, now that you know better you are positioned to do better (For yourself)

Anger isn’t the problem it can become it when resisted or projected. Thus allowing self abandonment because you couldn’t unconditionally accept your feelings.

People explore their anger the way they are. The way they are in a moment will guide them to who they are. Anger explored is better than slipping into low vibrations that render them powerless.

Everything has its measure but not everyone shares the same routes. As long as a person allows themselves to fall into their vulnerability all will be well. Vulnerability  always leads to Allah.


Nothing irritated me more than being misconstrued. The anger I felt from that strangely was more connected to self violation than anyone else.  What’s misconstrued isn’t yours. Missing boundary that would let one walk away from what doesn’t honour them. Is replaced with shock of “how could they?”

Dont fixate on actions that aren’t yours. You can check, explore, examine & correct your own not others.

 My roots are connected to love, harmony & unity. Anger preserves my boundaries that protect it.

My roots, my foundation the basis from which my being springs from. Like yours requires boundaries to protect it.

Allow the things that stir your anger show you where your boundaries need to be. For where we fail to make boundaries from a soul space. Our ego attempts to make its own through dysfunctional, fear and lack based core patterns and it’s mind frames.

Anger aims to protect your roots.

Let it.

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