When we feel balanced we feel inner peace because our self agency is integrated in that moment from a soul space. Imbalance is an opportunity for the ego to make a play for power. It does it through trying to compartmentalise your needs, through the charge of imbalance you are under.

Holding space for what uncomfortable feelings are trying to communicate to you and getting acquainted with its process, during episodes of imbalance is paramount to remaining in your soul space. Unconditionally accepting all of your feelings and holding space for them is self government comprised of a competent cabinet. A cabinet made up of awareness, presence, patience, intelligence, compassion and justice.

Is it weird that I love doing this, by this I mean presenting my self for Allah to cultivate understanding even during pressing moments that contain what feels like harsh emotions. I’ve found something to do with my composure.

I use it to summon him, have hope in him, to trust in him. My equanimity that I’ve only ever experienced before as soul leaks, I’ve recently discovered had levels to it, but now I’ve discovered it’s profound meaning for existing as a part of me by divine mercy in the first place!

It’s the valley where I surrender and approach Allah through my vulnerability. Where I end he begins. Equanimity is provision that covers me with protection as he sees me unguarded.



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