Achieving Balance

Balance is achieved when you check in with your self not resist or rush any part of yourself to comply with what ego determines,  restores balance.

Times of imbalance are usually an indication that you are about to receive something new. Fear pipes up to fill in the blanks with the old.

In being able to observe  this strange phenomena you realise how far you’ve come. Hope stabilises within you the point that you can go further. Faith stabilises trust in the truth of that.

Disorientation is a sign of imbalance, so is absence of inner peace. When inner peace returns you know you’ve  embodied  what Allah intended for you and it’s always to alchemise the inner parts of ourselves that has been hurt or alienated even betrayed.

Have faith in him who recognises and knows this better than yourself. We are prone to feel the symptoms  but are often unconscious of the cause.

Imbalance occurs when something is a amiss, when something is amiss truth is missing from the equation. In remaining still with imbalance you therefore position yourself to receive a truth. Purification doesn’t happen in the absence of truth.

Every source of imbalance one feels has a truth trying to make its way in. Make space for it by holding space for yourself.




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