I prefer Naomi Campbell to Tyra banks. I think there is something menacing about Oprah that hides in plain sight. I like custard creams in my cornflakes. Desert before my main course, Love over wealth…
My home more than yours.
I find joy in the simple things, like walking the path to self mastery. Cringe at those who bond through gossip. I am an eagle in how I see things. I scan horizons for what serves me & in the process swerve past your business.

I exist outside the brackets, in it my essence is missed. I grew up with limited consideration given to me. It’s the down side of being presumed to be self sufficient. I find peace in travelling, even when at home, I travel within.

The most beautiful thing in people to me are their eyes before their smiles. The former reveal their souls,the latter sometimes beguiles.

I never support the egos of those I love. Some love me for it, some misunderstand me because of it. Thus in life sometimes I’m seen as the villain but in death probably elevated to heroine…

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