Love on the Battlefield

Re discover the parts of yourself that have been lost or submerged underneath the practical concerns of life. Practicality is about survival for most, so what’s more practically essential than care and nurture for your soul?

Forget about everything, everyting isn’t in your jurisdiction to sort or control. Your wellbeing however is.

Every where I turn since this weekend and beginning of this new week, I’ve been seeing synchronicities connected to people swimming in currents of either despair or melancholy.

There are a lot of changes up in the air, a lot of outward and inner transitions occurring. But what I find beautiful is how I felt hope and peace for all these people presented in the above synchronicity.

I saw hope and felt peace for them and I can’t explain why that is.

It’s as though I could feel something about their personal circumstances that evoked it in me.

I think love is a powerful thing to give to others when they are in the throes of anxiety and sadness.

Love is the only thing that can impart to them what your eyes see of peace and precieve of goodness, that they aren’t seeing in the moment. Only through love can you give others the gift of relief.

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA)The Prophet (scw) said, “He who removes from a believer one of his difficulties of this world, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection; and he who finds relief for a hard-pressed person, Allah will make things easy for him on the Day of Resurrection.”

I’ve always had a special soul connection to this Hadith. I’ve realised now why, my personal deeds obligation wise are abysmal
to say the least. But through the risq in my heart, I hope Allah makes me of those people. It’s the only crutch I can aim for while the struggle in stability regarding my obligations continue.

I find peace in knowing I won’t enter paradise through my deeds but rather his mercy. So is it any wonder I love mercy more than anything in the world. Perhaps second to the cause I love effect of relief it brings to me and others.

Mercy is how I love to receive love and give it. I’m not sure I’ve always understood that mercy is my language of love.

There is nothing greater than having people stand up on yowmul qiyaama bearing witness you aided them in a time of need.

To aid a believer whether by word or deed is to have Allah use you as a means to impart his mercy. It is the opposite of shaytan using you to help dispatch difficulty.

Seeing myself grounded, as anxiety washed over those aforementioned people. I felt a re connection to the desires of my soul.

I thought things akin to, how can the devil take my brother if his close to me.

More importantly I saw my position In this world clearly. The reasons behind all that I’ve personally been through. The wisdom behind the depths Allah willed to cultivate in me.

It is so that I fulfil my destiny.

To help those hijacked by the egoic mind. To be cathartic in the face of their grief, disorder or anxiety.

To be relatable as I help them see, that just like I once said “I don’t have the strength to go on” and found out I was categrocially wrong, so will they inshallah.

Equivocal attitudes are signs the rope is about to snap.

Allah taught me his help is always near when the rope is about to snap. This is why In my true nature I feel grounded in the face of someone else’s pain, I find solace in knowing Allah’s help for them
is so so near.

Iblis exhausts himself in trying to remove or tarnish the lifeline of hope in people. I find personal fulfilment in derailing his efforts.

If you feel grounded see it as a blessing and pass it forward. Use the mercy Allah bestowed upon you in practical ways, emulate what you learnt from him for he is the best of those who give mercy.

Be those who show up with love on the battlefield, even if it isn’t your fight. Don’t forget the ones you fought barely holding on.

“None of you can truly believe until you want for others what you want for yourself” prophet Muhammad scw

Ive always wanted to be understood and protected. When Allah fulfilled that need all I want now is to be someone he uses to impart understanding and protection for others.

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