Fear can be a friend

Sort of..

If you look at its signal as a non witty snitch. I’m actually being serious, its signal highlights all the things that you thought didn’t matter anymore. Things perhaps you thought you’ve over come. If it still matters it means you haven’t over come it yet. Perhaps there is another angle to cover. Either way It means there is still work left to do, and do it you must.

I find things that fear snitches out, carry profound revelations. When other forms of feelings point the same thing out, it doesn’t necessarily carry the exact same message fear does, this is why sometimes you re experience certain things. Its the magic in feelings, albeit moving in similar form, they always produce unique results.

Fear doesn’t always lie, it sometimes guides. I look at what it points out as areas my soul needs to have input. My soul is the only expert on the ship. So is yours, what’s more healing happens effectively when you ask your soul to confront fears activity. When you ask your soul questions like…

“Why do I dread this?”
“Why does this still matter?”
“Why am I concerned about this?”

Because, because, because….

There is healing left…
Its a possibility attacking your trust…
Its trying to block stability…

These answers grant direction

To have healing left is to revisit a matter from a new door.

If it’s attacking your trust, it’s an opportunity to replenish your hope.

If it’s attempting to block stability, it’s a reminder you are actually still aligned with your souls motivation towards wholeness not egos towards survival.

Fear doesn’t block egos sought after stability, it caters for it.

So in the space between duality of effect, fear can be your friend.

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