Anxiety & Allah

Every problem has an opposite that conquers it. They say anxieties opposite is trust in Allah. I agree but I was inspired to see that there is more to it than just that. Opting for Trust in the face of anxious feelings gives you something to have faith in (Allah) who is most sufficient for one to place their trust. However just like anxiety hijacks the present moment, with overt focus on a outcome about a future matter (that’s feared or disliked)

True trust in Allah takes place with hope setting pace. Through this structure balance in the present moment is renewed & established; balance that was originally hijacked by anxiety.

True hope can not take place without surrendering the matter that triggered the anxiety to Allah.

When you surrender the matter, you allow hope to come in to re-establish balance in the present. It is hope that soothes the space of the wound that got triggered. Trust in Allah through this route solidifies ones faith in him. You no longer focus on the outcome, because focus on the outcome has diminished in momentum. Diminishing begins when you no longer feel tortured in the present.

Allah through his love takes care of us twice, through hope during a period of uncertainty, and through faith during a period of awaiting an outcome determined, only by his will.

He is the only one in control during night and day, in the present and future, through stressful or lethargic times. His mercy is such that he willed we go through the motions protected through a bracket of love.

(Hope & Faith)

“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily with every difficulty there is relief”
~Quran 94

I think this is why the above verse is repeated twice. There is ease in the process for those who have hope, and ease in the outcome for those who have faith.

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