Transitioning into 2 Homes

“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”
~ Tom Stoppard


What remains of my old life is inside of these boxes. I didn’t want to take much, i was being careful not to hoard things.

Why was I doing that? Because I felt inspired to make space for the new even though it doesn’t exist yet.

I was being careful in not keeping things
I knew I would never use again…

Why was I doing that? Because it symbolised my relationship with stagnation..

I was decluttering my home and Allah in tandem was decluttering me.

“Every act has an intention and every man will get what he intended..”
~ Umar bin al khatab

Will get what he intended not from the people, but from the lord of the world himself.

There is a connection between our actions intentions and results. Between it’s interchangeable nature and how regardless of it, Allah doesn’t lose pace as he monitors it all.

What often leads to sadness, disapointment or even anger, is not understanding the fundamental point behind this Hadith. Intentions do not get its results always through people or any external matter. The results are with Allah who is the witness of ones intent, even during mundane moments where it expanded or changed course somewhat or completely.

Ever ask yourself the question
“Why am I doing this or that?”

Sit with the answers from time to time you would be surprised by what you find. I was marvelled by what I intended as I packed. More importantly I was grateful for what Allah intended for me. Perhaps in just being able to recognise he intended something I’m half way near producing a result that accomplishes his purpose.

“I’ve always believed there are moments in our lives which can be defined as a transition between the before and after, between the cause and the effect”
~Benjamin X

Me too Benjamin…

Such moments give birth to opportunities that if seized correctly, assist us in reaching a wholesome end.

A before and a cause are often not,or are no longer in our control. But an ‘after’ and ‘effect’ we can use faith and hope to navigate.

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