Show love to the Remnants

They say time heals nothing, it just replaces memories. I think what truly heals is the will behind a soul wanting to heal. A soul who through truth and sincerity seeks Allah in its inner most deepest thoughts. So time, that is Allah, graces a soul with such will, with guidance and love beyond its wildest dreams, that is what heals.

The condition time places on understanding thus healing, is soul integrity that seeks it.

I do not fixate on a problem that occurred
I care for what it has to reveal to me.

My fear is never that I be wrong, my fear is to have a false sense of being right that deters me from righting a wrong that may have hurt another.

In the midst of this concern I’ve lost myself a thousand times. Because the focus slips from identifying what aides me and hones in on what I give others.

I wondered about how that happens and realised it’s a blind spot, that doesn’t allow one to realise that they are as
much the remnants as the seen relied on specifics, that make up their whole.

Without unconditional love for the remnants you can’t attain unconditional love for the whole.

My remnants are the parts of me that I see erased. The parts that are not witnessed, the parts I therefore fail to give significance, because there is no proof of it amidst an external narrative.

I am the proof and that’s enough.

To show love to the remnants
Is to turn up for the parts of yourself that need you most.

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