Reflecting on some verses in surah duha, where tonight as I happened to glance at the chapter randomly. I found in meaning it connected me to an important period of my life.

One that began in accordance to divine timing and simultaneously ushered me into a new world.

My luggage were my wounds
The language, my feelings
and the currency hope.

The synchronicity in these verses below explain best how I felt and what made me place one foot after the other.

“…Your Lord….has neither forsaken you nor hated you….

He was present and working through me with mercy..

“…Did He not find you…. an orphan and gave you a refuge?…”

Alone, I felt, the emergence of my soul. A half dressed stranger to me she was…but what was even stranger is, she felt like home.

“…found you unaware, and guided you?”

When you make the unconscious Conscious you align with divine will. The illusions of pride rock was gone. Standing in the elephants graveyard I was hopeful I’ll find GOLD and slowly but surely I did, I found the fragmented pieces of my soul.

“…found you poor, and made you rich”

With understanding and true self love he sure did.

“…Therefore, treat not the orphan with oppression”

Those alone on a dark night of the soul journey, I see through my heart and heart only.

“…And repulse not the beggar;”

When under the clutches of the ego, but still able to scramble in search of your soul, I can never be repulsed. For compassion is all I have for you.

“…And proclaim the Grace of your Lord” (Surah ad Duha)

For you Allah I write this post.

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