Hope & sabr


Hope fuels me while sabr ensures I am nourished on the journey. Hope reminds me while sabr encourages me. I’ve noticed when I feel confused about something connected to a matter I have hope in, it means I’m sad and even if only momentarily, I was or am still sad standing still on my journey, unaware of what, what I’m feeling fully means.

With sabr I find space to not just feel but to be under no strain to understand. With sabr I am able to take that next step and in doing so though I lost a moment of ease, I find gratitude in knowing that I didn’t lose hope. To lose sight of the whys behind where I wanted to reach (hope) is just as taxing on my soul as to lose sight of a chance to stop and allow more nourishment (sabr)to reach me.

Time is a message that hope & sabr decipher best. My soul is just my soul, and most accepting of this.

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