Worth knowing…

There seems to be a lot of focus on the topic of others forgetting ones worth. There isn’t enough focus on the more important reality that we ourselves have misunderstood the very foundation and function of our own worth.

In most quotes about worth we see statements like “your value doesn’t decrease on someone’s inability to see your worth”

Or “Never measure your self worth by what others think you should become”

Even though both statements are true,it constantly directs the mind towards the false notion, that ones worth is only at risk of being forgotten or not seen or valued due to the shortcomings of others. The focus on crime against our worth not being acknowledged, is therefore pitted against the external reality first and foremost.

This leads to resentment of experiences and shame during them. What’s worse the self criticism that arises in the individual, becomes a burden because the premise behind it is unjust and irrationally fashioned.

When we consider the fact that our worth is fixed, that it is something we are born with and not something we cultivate through knowledge or skills we obtain in this world. Then we come to the realisation that our worth isnt also something we can increase or decrease.

It is our potential it is a gift carried by and imprinted into our individual souls.

There is a profound liberation from limiting beliefs and shameful judgemental feelings, when we view our worth through the correct understanding that its foundation is absolute and not relative. That its function is fixed and not malleable.

If our worth cannot be increased or decreased. Then presuming our actions or non actions that leave us feeling disappointed or shamefully self critical, have a correlation to us doing a disservice to our own worth becomes nonsensical.

Presuming how others treat us being a reflection of our value as individuals by default also makes no sense.

Our worth is something that is there in and of itself whether not acknowledged at any given time by you yourself or another.

Anything you do or don’t do, anything done to you or not done to you. anything you achieve or don’t achieve…bears no mark on your worth.

Talents are an expression of our worth it isn’t our worth per say. Talents are glimpses of our potential and our potential is our worth.

Our unrealised potential is our unrealised worth. We strive to meet it and to embody it yes, but to forget it’s there? Would be a misguidance that gives unconscious core beliefs ample room to roam and manoeuvre so as to direct our fates.


To truly understand this is to achieve freedom from the mental constraints and judgments that shackle and limit us. Every sad feeling or disappointment we have, carries the huge momentum it does only because we unconsciously relate it to our worth. When our worth is protected and sacred.

It isn’t something that can be taken away, something we can get rid of, chop up or expand. It is simply something we can use or not use. Acknowledge or not acknowledge.

The comfort and liberation is in knowing it’s there and it never went anywhere. Nor will it ever.

We celebrate our worth when we feel good about ourselves or when external matters we strive towards reflect back to us success.

When we don’t and it doesn’t we are quick to presume a lack of worth.

This assumption is deep rooted in the misunderstanding of the blue print of our worth.

Our worth is a gift that was never destined to be diminished by our actions. Our actions can utilise it but can never take away from it.

Flaws are not a signal for absence of worth. It is sign of being human…

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