The Self & the Soul

Flashbacks play the role of the witness
and our hearts?…the platform that was pillaged.

The question “How did I get here?”is like a traffic light signal, inviting the self to take a second look. It’s encouragement of the soul for the self to see. A chance to cultivate understanding, for all that it (the soul) knows. The self may at times lack awareness but the soul was there concious and still through all of life’s experience.

‘…Certainly, I run the affairs of My servants by My Knowledge of what is in their hearts. Certainly, I am the All-Knower, All-Aware’” [Tabarani]

As we unintentionally project onto Allah all that we feel about ourselves. We exercise an oversight in regards to his mercy and knowledge of what is truly in our hearts. What we reveal and conceal is perhaps most easiest to understand but what about all that is stored away blocked through unconscious veils never having seen the light of acknowledgement.

He guides, our only task is to be receptive and live in the moment.

He knows, and for us to be able to hold space for that which he knows, being more than we could imagine. Due to the barrier between the self and the soul is true pragmatism & sound reason.

It would be a lie for anyone to say I see I know and so I’ll act. Or regarding a successful past matter, where sound conclusions for it exist…… it would be a lie to say I saw I knew and so I acted, as a summary of what happened.

No we see or saw and the rest is and was, always a mercy from Him. A mercy that assists or assisted us on our individual journeys.

There is a relationship between Allah and the soul that the self is not always privy too….

I think the moments where the self comes to know about this relationship, are the only times it truly feels inner peace.

Anxiety and choas reign supreme in a being, when we allocate understanding of “knowledge of what’s in their hearts” to simply be to what the self knows.

That is not the knowledge by which Allah runs our affairs. It’s a mere fraction of it. Usually the fraction that causes us the most anguish. Because through it we judge and berate ourselves for mistakes made, through it we can end up in the valley of despair. Through it we project onto Allah. Through it we do too much…

The self often has access to knowledge of the how and not the why, the soul both and Allah a witness of it all. So through that barrier that keeps the self out, Allah knows and through his mercy with that knowledge and more he governs our affairs. Through his grace he opens the door to understanding…

Through him in many ways we are blessed.

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