Heed the Need

Our needs are not akin to cobwebs that must be dusted away. They are tools that ensure our wellbeing is maintained.

To assume others should just know what our needs are, is to set ourselves up for a life time of disappointment. People are different we come from all walks of life. Just like our finger prints are unique to us so are our individual experiences. We share different core wounds, core beliefs therefore have different core patterns. All of these influence the way in which we navigate through this world.

The presumption that your needs should be understood via common sense is to betray understanding of the above. What’s common to you isn’t to another.

The most liberating choice one can make is to voice their needs. The vulnerability that comes with that carries with it courage that leads to obtaining clarity.

To cop out is a disservice to your soul and what’s conducive to your highest good manifesting. Avoidance of stating your needs, because of the discomfort it being rejected can bring, isn’t maintaining strength it is ironically the true essence of weakness. You are acting through disempowerment, when making said choice because you hide from clarification.

In asking yourself the question what am I afraid of finding out? You will come to know much about yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great to know who cares about you enough to take your needs into consideration and who considers it a burden?

Wouldn’t it be great to know who you can be around in your wholeness and who requires parts of you to not be present?

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage for the precise reason that in feeling it, because you’ve expressed your need you will come to know.

To minimise your needs is to minimise yourself and quite frankly put to allow yourself to express them is the epitome of self love.

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