Moving into Myself

I use to believe justice is a pre requisite for peace. I now believe peace is what paves the way for justice.

I use to believe at the end of feelings was nothing. I now believe at the end of feelings is wholeness.

I prefer a growth mindset to a fixed one.
I prefer the me in the now, to the me from the past. Whilst simultaneously accepting both.

The old is not irrelevant when you come to possess the new. The old served a purpose. We are here to evolve not stagnate. Appreciate ourselves not berate.

True self love to me is best cultivated in garnering understanding for all the different versions of yourself. Different versions that once held lead roles in the past chapters of your life. As new chapters unfold we carry on. I put respect on all that I was. For the lens of right and wrong I once wore, are now gone.

Life is a caravan that moves, if we were meant to stay put we wouldn’t have feet we would have roots.


Moving into myself…

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