One of the biggest lessons we can learn about life is the difference between compromise and cooperation. How the former makes you give away a part of yourself. whilst the latter allows you to explore from a balanced space so much so a mutual outcome becomes favourable by default.

Just like there is a difference between wanting reassurance and validation. There is a difference between compromising and cooperation. When someone reassures you they affirm something already within you. This instils confidence and permeates love. However when you put someone in a position to validate you, they are given power to render you valid or not. This promotes another’s authority whilst demoting yours. Pretty messed up thing to do when the subject is you.

I don’t believe anyone should compromise because it hinders us from collecting the fragmented parts of ourselves. That requires so we may move into wholeness.

Cooperation promotes understanding, maturity and maintains individuality through self respect.

The thin line between these meanings are like land mines. To step over it is to contribute to the eraser of yourself & to stand clear from it, is quite simply put self love.

Life for me is about building perspective not accumulating regrets. It’s about seeking understanding to nourish clarity. It’s about prefering discovery to conformity.

Most of all it’s about holding onto your truths regardless of outcomes.

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