Triggers part 2


“Look for the why behind your feelings of hurt and pain because they signal where we should make some changes.” ~Nanette Mathews

Most people react to what triggers them, getting lost in the story. (Person, object, or circumstance where the trigger arises)

I’m convinced the story never matters, there is an unconscious thing at play here, that your soul is trying to make you remember. The trigger is the bullet it uses to help you become aware.

What’s an emotional trigger? To summarise a surprise you get when something causes a negative like reaction to something you haven’t processed yet. Ever had a a feeling that leaves you destabilised whilst perhaps others around you are unaffected?

That’s ok they don’t share your history. Never compare your feelings about a matter to another persons. The dismissive logic of “it’s just me” shouldn’t be used to ignore your predicament.

Be brave enough to instead want to observe the negative feeling that comes up in you, ask why does this affect me? Why do I feel aggy about this?
Most triggers were formed during childhood or adolescence due to unprocessed impressions. The original matter that created the triggers you receive in adulthood are buried in the subconscious.

So when you get triggered it’s your souls attempt to make matter conscious. To challenge the reactive programming you’ve become accustomed to. It’s an opportunity for a paradigm shift.

Clear the triggers, it’s almost as easy as acknowledging the feeling and then tracing back the earliest memory where you felt it. Just by becoming aware of it the trigger associated with that emotion weakens drastically and even better dissolves because you get to transmute its energy.

What not to do is repeat the same old avoidance techniques. Everything is about perspective triggers can either be your “friend” that’s guiding you. Or a ghost from the past that’s chasing you. One things for sure, Allah will keep creating the circumstances that allow the triggers to come up. His primary interest is to make you whole again. Your soul will oppose the part of you opposed to this. Because it’s not in its best interest.

Follow your triggers…they lead somewhere liberation rests.

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