Your Truth

“Speaking your truth” sometimes claimed and assumed to be done by most, but is usually understood and executed right by a few. Your truth should have no expectations accompanying it, nor any covert neediness hidden in it. Your truth although can be shared through an opinion or a suggestion. Is still free from the expectations of acceptance and appreciation that come with them.

It is speaking what’s true in your heart irrespective of the risk in circumstance. Even if it’s rejected your energy lurks beating a drum in your absence.

A sign you spoke your truth properly is you are left with inner peace, because you’re detached from outcome. Your truth is your authentic higher selfs voice it is firm, not rude or volatile and more importantly to stifle it is to over extend or harmonise whilst expressing it. That disorienting feeling after having done the latter, is a branch of disempowerment stroking you.

Your feelings are a gps, inner peace is your souls language of approval. The only validation you need pay attention to, is the one from yourself.


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