I’ll know..

The space between Alhamdulilaah and oh Allah please, is a space the soul transitions in growth, through hope and fear.

Fear in not over coming the disturbing limitations life’s cruelty subtely placed. Fears that at times shackle your will to just be. Fear of not overcoming this fear?

Fear of feeling it’s components, fear of  acknowledging its there. How can one acknowledge emotions no one would associate with them. What does any of this all mean anyway.

All I know is I grew up in a world where EMOTIONS where unwanted guests. Through observation you learn. Through expectations you become.

I hoped for better days consisting of uninterrupted relief.  Managed said Hope knowing only in paradise can such a state truly exist.

In waking up from all the expectations I held as a child. I find an edit button to manage my desires.

I’m editing what I contributed that wasn’t from me. Un masking and un earthing so that I can now receive…

Through the foot prints that led to my dead ends I’ll know…

Through the emotions I denied myself to truly feel I’ll know…

Through the tender heart I chastised for carrying the woes of the world I’ll know…

Through my beautiful soul that I defaced for having forberance I’ll know…

Through the whispers of my intuition I’ll know…

My place.

Where my true self resided in optimistic wait.



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