To Break Brave

Fear has a tendency to paralyse us away from hope and action. It robs us and keeps us in limbo..what’s at stake are the fleeting comforts we feel keeps pain at bay.

True comfort is found in the path of least resistance. A path that leads to a gate way where, if you were to fall, Allah’s catch is the mightiest of all.

Dont resist the process (what ever it is)
Dont run to avoid discomfort (however comforting it seems)
Dont deface your own soul (through berating self talk.)
Don’t forget to just be  (vision and judgement are impaired when you are hurting).
Dont fall into despair…(fall instead into stillness)

My inner most private thoughts, are like the currency I gather through times of poverty so as to purchase the kind of care and stability; that  I’ve learnt only Allah owns.

I’ve never met a merchant who said take, for what you gave, I already knew and I only cared that you saved it up for me.

If fear diverts, courage should steer. for what is courage except  being afraid of what’s around a corner but going around it anyway.

When your fears chase you to the dead sea, Allah splits the ocean to set you free.

Ma wad da’aka rabbuka wa ma qalaa “Your Lord has not taken leave of you”

That^is the only consistent truth I’ve ever known.



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