Al khaliq


What you put out you also activate in yourself. I find the story of Jim Carey in relation to the law of attraction and power of visualisation quite interesting. In 1990 he wrote a cheque from himself to himself, for the amount of 10 million dollars. Date and signed it thanks giving 1995.  He kept the cheque in his wallet for years, letting it rott. He also use to stand on the rooftop of his then apartment and imagine himself as a successful actor, walking on red carpets and being interviewed by respectable people. Five years later just after thanks giving (in 1995) he received a 10 million dollar cheque for his movie dumb and dumber, he was seated in front of Oprah Winfrey talking about this.

The law of attraction is the idea that like attracts like, creation is always happening, science points to this direction because we live in a vibrational world, nothing is really solid but rather vibrational coming in and out, forming solid structures or not. I don’t wish to get into the quantum physics of all this, not even sure I get it fully to be honest. Whats amazing to me is how Allah already told us about all this. How many aspects of our diin/religion point to this, In his name al khaliq, we find the meaning given is “the one who constantly creates to bring into existence” not the one who created something and then just chilled. The difference in meanings being quite clear in that Allah is always at work. “Not a leaf falls but it has a reason”

We find in Hadith qudsis statements like “To my servant I am what he thinks I am and I can do for him what he thinks I can” notice how this leaves the field open to both positive and negative outcomes?

Every second Allah is creating or bringing into existence some matter in our environment and or our selves. We align through our vibrations, often like attracting like. (I say often for a reason, but more on that later)

I use to wonder what that above Hadith meant “I am what you think I am and can do for you what you think I can” until I learnt through my own life, situations where I sabotaged myself and situations where I succeeded. What I found was….

In both cases I attracted all the matters needed for the end result of sabotage or success and all matters link back to the thoughts I had and the frequency I was vibrating from or in.  Of course there are exceptions to every rule, in cluding this law of attraction one, that exception being the favour of Allah upon us via qadr/destiny in some areas, so generally life is nothing but a bedrock of tests that bring about blessings or loss that should make us reflect so we are able to expand and grow.

This like attracts like concept is something science is only now supporting but in the science of tawassaf in our diin we’ve already been taught this. The concept of negating negative thoughts and investing in the positive so that we have the outcome of success. It’s all branching from what we know as the law of attraction.

I can have the same two hours to do the exact same thing, get ready, drop kids, be some where. The day I tell myself I’m going to be late I am. My anxious feelings take me to the fate of late (unless it was decreed that I am not, see the exception to the rule in play?)

Our vibrations fit well Into a vibrational world, and like attracts like whether it’s good for you or not. Whether it serves you or not. You are always choosing and Allah is always creating. And in the end we meet him. Any tests by way of loss or favours he puts in the way along the way, is between you and him, to test your faith, either for patience or gratitude & in knowing life is not an every day playing field of tests. Reason dictates that we should acknowldge that generally like is attracting like. You are the captain of your ship. Allah creates in accordance to state you are in yes, but still assists via qadr out of mercy and wisdom in many ways.

“I will not change the conditions of a people until they change the conditions within themselves” (surah al-Ra’d 13:11)

That last point is proven by the reality that he has blessed us in numerous ways even if we were in a state to not vibrate towards the blessing. I highlight this to dismantle the myth in the law of attraction that suggests you get what you focus on in and of itself. Not always, there are exceptions to the general rules…..



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